Low-cut Five Toes Socks

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When you experience pain from bunions or overlapping toes, 
our Low-cut Five Toes Socks are the best way to relieve!

Made of premium fabric, which is silky, breathable,
soft with excellent elasticity. Drain away excess moisture and keep your feet cool & dry
! One size fits most, easy to put on, and designed to conform snugly to feet.

Heel silicone grip design ensures the socks stay on your feet all day. Never slip off! Ideal for most shoes, including flats, high-heels, sneakers, ballet shoes, and more.

Soft & Comfy! Best Choice for Relief!


Ergonomic & Comfortable
Split-toe design reduces friction between toes and keeps each toe separated, provides pain relief, and prevents hallux valgus, toe overlapping, blister, athlete’s foot, bunion, or toe drift. Release pressure and realign your toes to where they need to be.

High breathability to keep feet cool and dry. Keep odor and moisture away and avoid sweaty feet.
Anti-slip Design
Silicone heel grip design is designed to protect socks from crawling down into the shoes when you are walking and running. The socks always stay on and never slip off your heels.

Highly Stretchable
Made of premium elastic material, makes sure the socks hold up in shape and fit snugly, comfortably attached to your feet & toes without any sense of constraint.

Perfect For Most Shoes
These low-cut socks are suitable for a variety of shoes, like flats, high-heels, sneakers, ballet shoes, loafers, and more, which are designed to be invisible that can completely hide in shoes.


  • Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Material: Fabric
  • ColorBlack/White/Gray/Pink/Nude


  • 2 Pairs x Low-cut Five Toes Socks